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Our Story


Having persistently searching the market for an exceptional rangefinder case, only to come up empty-handed, we resolved to create our own solution. Following numerous months of prototyping and modifications, we successfully constructed the Rangepack. This rangefinder case isn't just convenient storage option, it's a combination of functionality and style, offering waterproof protection for your rangefinder. The Rangepack - a case that merits a place on your bag.


We’re golfers, and our experiences inform our approach to the things we make. Simply put—our bags are designed by golfers, for golfers. At Lopar, you’ll find our products are built with thoughtful details to make each and every journey more seamless. We’re transforming golf accessories to inspire you to get out on the course more and enjoy all of the elements this great game has to offer.


Our products use materials—from PU Polyester to Waxed Canvas—that are not only sleek and water resistent, but also high-performing, durable, and ready for whatever comes up on and off the course. When it comes to our Bags, the details matter, especially since they’re intentional and functional, making the game of golf a little more seamless.